Sunday, October 09, 2005

Home alone and remembering..

Alone in my house... my mom and grandma have gone to Puebla (their hometown) to watch the pile of green and yellow bodies that use to be my grandma's garden, somehow, they're still hoping to save some of it (jo, jo, jo. Yeah right, and god exists).

So yes, alone in my house. Writing and drinking again, it is a habit that I thought gone; but apparently (like all great bad habits) it raises from my groin to reclaim again the domain of the territory.

I've got Indio, I've got Camel, I've got Bowie (Bowie at the Beeb (Disc 2)). Who can asks for anything more?

Yesterday - well not exactly yesterday - after posting (or whatever the fuck it conjugates) I went for some beers and smokes to a well known 24 hours convenience store and, 'cause of the hour and my apperiance, black pants and black t-shirt and black jacket and mess-up hair and mood, the whole situation brought me back to more or less four months ago when I was walking the same path and was feeling almost the same way.


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